TAXIDERMY TODAY is the world's foremost taxidermy journal. If your interest is How-To taxidermy, you've come to the right source. We are proud to be celebrating our 36th year of serving the educational and informational needs of taxidermists the world over. We cover the entire wide spectrum of the taxidermy industry. There is something for everyone, whether hobbyist or professional.


Will TAXIDERMY TODAY help you be a better taxidermist? ABSOLUTELY!

Here's your chance to get the taxidermy know-how of the top pros. YOU will be the one other taxidermists will be jealous of because of all the neat techniques and ideas you will learn. It'll be YOU who has the shortcuts, the new tips for faster production. Your quality and performance will soar!

Whether you are just wanting to get started in this fascinating area or you are a seasoned veteran, TAXIDERMY TODAY is perhaps the best move you can make. At less than the cost of a single whitetail head form, you get a full year of exciting taxidermy information you can use every day. It is perhaps the best taxidermy tool you will ever own.


Taxidermists need to keep up with the newest techniques, trends and technology. We are proud to be the leader in bringing this vital information to you. We know that you need more than just the fundamentals. You need to know the nitty-gritty details - the particulars that will make your work superior. In each volume you are able to scan the industry from the traditional basics to the most highly advanced technological innovations available to the science today. TAXIDERMY TODAY is the most comprehensive scientific taxidermy periodical ever produced. Our scope of coverage of the taxidermy industry is complete.

MAMMALS - All aspects of mammal taxidermy from small lifesize animals such as squirrels to full sized bear, deer and EVERYTHING in between. Learn the latest posing, form alteration, and every mounting detail to give truly convincing and life like action to any animal. If you can imagine it, you can do it!

BIRDS - You will find information and articles about skinning, using the latest urethane bodies and flexible necks and building artificial bodies from scratch. New dynamic artificial head and bills are in the forefront of technology and you'll learn about them first. See how to prepare skins for mounting and step-by-step mounting procedures. Special poses and wiring techniques allow you to recreate almost any pose or scene desired.

FISH - Fish taxidermy used to be a truly difficult task, but today's methods offer fantastic results and highly accurate mounts. You'll find the latest techniques for skinning and preparing skins; skin mounting and the newest artificial reproduction methods; molding and casting techniques; pedestal mount, and finishing techniques. Painting fish is a separate art in itself. We have paint schedules showing step-by-step detailed instructions for airbrushing, using the most modern equipment and state-of-the-art materials. Today's fish mounts are magnificent in color and detail.

GAMEHEADS - Gamehead taxidermy is one of the most popular areas of taxidermy and one of the easiest to learn. We show step-by-step how to produce the most highly detailed and attractive gameheads ever assembled. Everything from skinning and hide preparation to mounting and finishing. Custom form alterations and open mouths to the newest rotating pedestal mounts for wall or table are all covered in intricate detail.

REPTILES - Reptiles can be skin mounted over forms (commercial or custom carved) or they can be beautifully cast in modern resins with uncanny realism. Highly popular, articles on reptile taxidermy show every step in great detail.

REFERENCE - Good reference materials are critical to successful taxidermy. We offer a reference section with highly detailed photographs by professional photographers who themselves are also taxidermists. The photos are complemented by commentary, pointing out specific features for your information. Additionally, we offer a BOOKSHELF section devoted to books on taxidermy subjects and related references that can be purchased directly from TAXIDERMY TODAY.

HABITATS - Articles covering every aspect of habitat construction make this phase not only easy but great fun. Step-by-step how-to's on casting or direct building of rocks and groundwork, painting to match unusual rock formations, techniques for reproducing trees, stumps, foliage, and groundwork, how-to's on creating water, splashes, icicles, snow, mud, woods earth, leaves and flowers, etc. are all presented in photo and text articles. Incorporating mounts into habitat scenes and dioramas as well as adding accent pieces to mounts are presented.

BUSINESS SENSE - One of the surest and quickest ways for a taxidermist to fail to make money from his art it to neglect the business aspects of the industry. Our business articles are geared directly for taxidermists and cut through all the muck to get straight to the meat of what you MUST know to succeed in the taxidermy business. Articles take you through pricing for profit, to using wholesalers to enhance your service, to ways to cut costs, maximize your profit and minimize your labor. Our writers are professionals who know what you NEED to succeed.

NEW PRODUCTS and SOURCES - We offer product reviews and product introductions of new techniques, tools, materials and services. You must be up on the latest methods and the state-of-the art technology to produce the very best work possible. We also carry the advertisements of the supplies, materials and services critical to the production of your work. You simply must have access to the very best materials the industry has to offer and we give you the best and most choices.

PRODUCT FOCUS - This section is for our advertisers to tell you special things about their products, introduce new items or services, and generally let you know what is happening in their specialty. It is by far one to the most eagerly devoured sections.

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