Books for Sale - Manuals

Mammal.jpg MAMMAL TAXIDERMY Manual
Covers studio layout, reference material, field care, skinning, tanning, eyes & ears, mouths & noses, legs, hooves & feet. Mounting: squirrel, coyote, badger, bobcat, stone sheep, primates. Altering mannikins, finishing techniques, bases and more! 160 pages, 800 b/w photos/diagrams. Spiral bound.

Whitetail.jpg WHITETAIL TAXIDERMY Manual
Preferred methods of today's top taxidermists. Includes: tools, equipment & supplies, reference, skinning, cape preparation, tanning, open and closed mouths, sewing, finishing, crating, pricing, business. 112 pgaes, 500 b/w photos. Spiral bound.

Habitat.jpg HABITAT and EXHIBIT Manual
Dealing with casting resins to create water in every form-pools, snow, ice, splashes. Rocks, earth, ground cover - duplicating ground environments from waterholes to desert. Plants - real and artificial. 156 pages, 600 b/w photos. Spiral bound.

FishTaxid.jpg FISH TAXIDERMY Manual
Step-by-step instruction on: reference, anatomy, measurements, skinning, tanning, quick-cast, half-cast, pedestal mounts, painting, repairs, reproductions, habitats, business, competitions and more! 156 pages, 700 b/w photos. Spiral bound.

FishFinish.jpg The Tom Sexton FISH FINISHING SYSTEM
Includes over 50 full color photos showing hot to paint a largemouth bass. Tom explains techniques, procedures and secrets covering: reference, color, paint, airbrush equipment, reproduction and skin mounts. 116 pages, over 400 photos. Spiral bound.

Over 50 of the most commonly mounted species of saltwater, warm and cold water fishes are covered in step-by-step clear and detailed black and white diagrams. Also covered are airbrush equipment, paints, stripping mounted fish and more! 158 pages, b/w. Spiral bound.

BirdTaxid.jpg BIRD TAXIDERMY Manual
The first comprehensive book devoted to the fine art of bird taxidermy. Written by the world's leading taxidermists, step-by-step includes tools and supplies, reference and choosing the pose, anatomy, field care, skinning, mounting standing and flying birds. Spiral bound.
BirdFinish.jpg WATERFOWL and BIRD FINISHING Manual
Includes 75 paint finishing schedules for coloring the feet, legs and bills of all North American waterfowl. These are the exact same techniques used by the top bird specialists. Contains instructions for turkeys and upland birds. 192 pages, b/w. Spiral bound.

Reptile.jpg REPTILE and AMPHIBIAN Manual
Technical manual gives step-by-step procedures for handling all sorts of snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, slamanders and more. Procedures for skin mounts, reproductions, flat skins and accessories. The most complete coverage of the subject to date. 156 pages, over 600 b/w photos/diagrams. Spiral bound.

Includes: building a foundation, goal setting, structuring, insurance, record keeping, profit, cost, pricing, hiring/firing, borrowing money, advertising and more. 100 pages with over 100 illustrations. Spiral bound.