Our Editorial Staff consists of highly skilled professionals who definitely "know the ropes" of the fascinating world of taxidermy. Individually, each is an expert in the field. Collectively, through sharing information with the other writers as well as the taxidermy public, this group represents a huge pool of taxidermy knowledge unrivalled in the industry today.


Terry Ehrlich, Editor and Publisher of Taxidermy Today, is a professional taxidermist, photographer and writer with over 50 years experience in all areas of taxidermy. His writing career covers more than 40 years and he is repsonsible for providing cutting edge taxidermy information to generations of taxidermists around the world.


Erich Carter, has been a wildlife artist for over 30 years. He is one of those all-around taxidermists who seem to come up with novel ideas and solutions to some of our most complex and perplexing taxidermy problems and always happy to help out his fellow taxidermists. A reproduction specialist, Erich's experience and knowledge of antler and horn reproduction is truly legendary.


Dale Carson has operated a full-time taxidermy shop for 22 years in Madison Heights, Virginia. Dale has successfully competed at world, national, regional and state levels and holds a NTA National Champion Warmwater Fish Skin Mount title. He has served as President, Vice-President and Board Member of the Virginia Taxidermy Association.


Rick Krane, is a full time taxidermist and an industry leader in fish taxidermy instruction. He is one of the top pros in the field today, and we are grateful for his eager willingness to share his expertise with readers of Taxidermy Today.

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Brad Laaker, is a highly acclaimed bird specialist from Godfrey, Illinois. His years of field study and creative approach to taxidermy enable him to produce highly accurate and exceptionally beautiful mounts. From unique compositions to habitat ideas and techniques that are stunningly convincing, Brad brings a unique perspective to his work and writing.

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Jeremy Morgan has been working full time in the commercial tanning industry for nearly a decade. Additionally, he has done taxidermy and wholesale fleshing for other taxidermists around the country. His first hand knowledge and experience is invaluable and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our Editorial Staff.


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Rick Morris is one of the most highly acclaimed wild turkey specialists today. His expertise, not only in taxidermy but in wild turkey natural history, give his mounts a unique dynamic appeal. Each mount is truly individual, a classic with a dash of the unexpected. Rick’s work is an inspiration to all and we are indeed fortunate to have Rick Morris as a member of our Editorial Staff

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Born and raised near the coast of North Carolina, Page Nethercutt, a second generation taxidermist, started when he was 8 years old in his dad's shop, and now has run a fulltime studio for 16 years. His line of bird bodies and waterfowl heads include the largest selelction of open mouth waterfowl heads in the country and are available at Head Quarters Taxidermy Supply.

Peter J. Ocello, owner of Preservation Specialties, is not only a gifted taxidermist, he is highly trained and skilled in anatomical mold and model making, especially in the veterinary medicine field. His research and development programs have brought major advances to the taxidermy field in new products such as taxidermy specialty adhesives, casting materials, siliconized products, expandable foams, and much more–all developed to be safer and more useful specifically for taxidermists.


Archie Phillips is one of the most highly respected taxidermists and businessmen in the industry today. As owner of the largest freshwater fish taxidermy business in the world, his candid, common sense approach to all aspects of his life and livelihood have yielded unique and sometimes startling results. His ideas are not just interesting theories, they are backed by solid performance. And on every point, Archie can honestly say, "Been there - Done that!"


D. Price has operated a part-time taxidermy studio in Youngsville, North Carolina since 1993, specializing in mammals.  He works full time on research and development, as well as technical support for both Carolina Fur Dressing and Head Quarters Taxidermy Supply in Raleigh, North Carolina.  With his quarter of a century of hands on experience we are proud to have D. as a contributor to our editorial staff.


Robbie Reynolds owns and operates Long Spur Taxidermy in Livingston, Alabama, a wholesale bird business specializing in turkeys. His obsession with hunting, videoing, photographing, and painting turkeys over the last couple of decades has resulted in a sound knowledge of these birds, which can be seen in the quality of his work and in the richness of his articles.


Dan Rinehart is a taxidermist and owner of Dan Rinehart Taxidermy School and Taxidermy Arts Supply. His expertise in all areas of the industry lends a unique perspective and quality to his writings. Active in research and development, Dan is often the source of the newest techniques, ideas and products for the industry. Every issue brings indepth, easy-to-understand information that you can use every day.


Kail Shumaker, owner of BackWoods Taxidermy, a wholesale bird taxidermy service with waterfowl as the specialty, is acknowledged as one of the finest bird specialists in the country. His techniques are tested and proven to be fast, efficient, highly accurate and dynamically artisitic. As a member of our Editorial Staff at Taxidermy Today, readers eagerly anticipate his regular contributions.